Data Center Thermal Mapping in New Jersey, New York and Long Island

Prevent Downtime at your Data Center!

data center infrared imageDo you manage a data center? Effectively and efficiently operating the power, cooling and support systems is vital to the continuous flow of information in your mission-critical facility. We find and document system cooling problems and hot spots using the Infrared Thermal MapIR process.

Infrared thermography (IRt) is used to find, diagnose and document problems such as short-cycling of the air conditioning system, loose electrical connections and worn out bearings. After repairs have been made, IRt is used to recheck the equipment to make sure it is operating properly. Two main categories are:

1. Cooling Systems and Heat-Generating Equipment

Capturing the current condition of the cooling system is the start of the IRt process. Thermal Mapping is a new approach to gather and present that data. Thermal mapping allows IT management, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals, consultants and contractors a construct to understand heat-related problems in the data center. It also makes it possible to compare the results to the CFD models used to design them. Because the complete picture is captured in-situ, issues that were not obvious when the room and cooling system were designed become apparent.

2. Electrical Power Distribution and Mechanical Systems

Performing infrared P/PM on electrical and mechanical equipment is crucial to continuous operation and well accepted in the power industry as standard best practice. In fact, electrical IR has been the most accepted of all IR applications and there are many technical papers on the subject.Infrared predictive maintenance is a must at any data center. The electrical switchgear, motors and motor controls, HVAC equipment, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), automatic transfer switches (ATS), power distribution units (PDU), batteries and generator equipment and all electrical devices that feed the server systems must be checked with infrared thermography and other testing on a regular basis to assure super-high reliability.